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Praise for Seeds of a Spirited Life

Seeds compassionately calls all of us who struggle in our semi-planned, chaotic lives... I found myself mmm-hmmm-ing throughout. If you’ve ever had a tree for a friend, wondered if you f’d it up somehow with [name your kids, parents, ex, partner, friends, God/dess], or tried to make sense of the Meaning with a capital M-- this one’s for you.”

— Duana C. Welch, Ph. D.

Meg offers us the stories of her life--the everyday and the extraordinary, the painful and the hilarious--and they are so delightful and so telling that this would be enough. But she gives us more than that: She also leads us to recognize that we too can find these seeds of life, of spirit, and of meaning…”

— Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones


Meg Barnhouse's work is songs, stories, and illumination. Ordinary things happen to all of us every day, but when Meg tells the stories, they transform into messages about a different way of seeing, big questions you thought you were the only one asking, and comfort in the areas you're pretty sure you've messed up.

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