Meg Barnhouse grew up in North Carolina and in Philadelphia, but when she moved north, she was made to swear an oath that she would always remain a rebel in her heart. She's kept to her own understanding of that vow. Her first story was about Madame Featherflight, a balloonist who picks up a stowaway and they have adventures around the world. Her gifts lay in writing, listening, songwriting and speaking. She has worked as a college chaplain, a pastoral counselor, and a Unitarian Universalist church minister.

Her latest book, Seeds of a Spirited Life,  talks about her evolution from a praying kid to Presbyterian minister, from losing her Christianity to finding light and warmth in earth-based practice and Unitarian Universalist community. It talks about her work as a pastoral counselor with the most interesting clients in a most strange and fascinating southern town, her earning a second-degree Black Belt in Karate, being the mother of two wise, handsome and funny sons, the shift from being married to a man to falling in love with her female best friend, and her marriage to the award winning singer songwriter, Kiya Heartwood. 

Meg has authored several books, including: Rock of Ages at the Taj Mahal, Did I Say That Out Loud?, Waking Up the Karma Fairy, and Broken Buddha. She's a contributing author to The Best of Radio Free Bubba and several other collections of Creative Non-fiction essays. 

Her CDs are "Mango Thoughts in a Meatloaf Town,"  which contains her widely loved song "All Will Be Well," and "House of Love" 

SEEDS OF A SPIRITED LIFE is her latest book, a memoir, a decluttering of her brain, she says, wanting to put everything she learned from being a therapist and minister for years into a book to make room for new thoughts and new illumination. 

Her books have been used in freshman English courses, in Unitarian Universalist church meetings; they've sat on bedside tables and even in bathrooms, where people report that the pieces are just the right length.